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Listed below are the recently published articles covering National Policy and Law Developments, starting with content from EPL Volume 49. To view the article, click on the title and you can view the EPL content on the IOS Press Content Platform (subscription required, unless otherwise indicated that the content is freely available).

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National Law and Policy Developments Listed By Country


Legal Regimes for Marine Spatial Planning
Asraful Alam
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.4-5, pp.240-245, 2019

Role of NGOs in Developing Public InterestLitigation: An Analytical Study
Sheikh Mohammad Towhidul Karim
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.2-3, pp.145-152, 2019



Climate Change Policy in São Paulo: Fundamentals based on Comparative Analysis
Kamyla Borges da Cunha, and Fernando Rei
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.1, pp.55-63, 2019



China’s Claim on Traditional Fishing Grounds Located in the South China Sea
Intan Novia Putri, Dina  Sunyowati, and Enny Narwati
EPL, Vol.50, Iss.3, pp.243-250, 2020

Reopening the Trade after SARS: China’s Wildlife Industry and the Fateful Policy Reversal
Peter Li
EPL, Vol.50, Iss.3, pp.251-267, 2020



History of the Implementation of Environmental Impact Assessment Proclamation No. 299/2002 (Openly Available) 
Gedifew Sewenet Yigzaw
EPL, Vol.50, Iss.1-2, pp.81-87, 2020



Cities Take the Lead in Climate Change Governance
Surya Gupta, Kshitij Bansal, and Armin Rosencranz
EPL, Vol.50, Iss.1-2, pp.89-101, 2020

Legal History of Water Management: Should the Traditional Water-Harvesting Regime Be Revived?
Hasrat Arjjumend and Konstantia Koutouki
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.6, pp.363-378, 2019

Determining Environmental Compensation in India: Lessons from a Comparative Perspective
Raghuveer Nath and Armin Rosencranz
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.4-5, pp.246-252, 2019

Critique of Environmental Impact Assessment Process in India 
Madhuri Parikh
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.4-5, pp.252-259, 2019

The Access and Benefi t-Sharing Regime: an Environmental Justice Perspective 
Md. Zafar Mahfooz Nomani
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.4-5, pp.259-263, 2019

The National Green Tribunal: Evolving Adjudicatory Dimensions
Gitanjali Nain Gill
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.2-3, pp.153-162, 2019

"Disappearing Earth": The Impact of Environment- Induced Migration on India and the World
Kumarjeeb Pegu and Mitul Dutta
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.1, pp.63-75, 2019



Legal Aspects of the Use of Lands Containing Karst Formations for Agricultural and Tourism Purposes
Nia Kurniati, Reginawanti Hindersah, and Dadang Epi Sukarsa
EPL, Vol.50, Iss.1-2, pp.103-110, 2020

Implementation of the Precautionary Principle and its Impact on Sustainable Development
H. Supandi
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.2-3, pp.162-167, 2019

Constraints on Enforcement of Environmental Law Against Corporate Defendants
Ismu Gunadi Widodo, J. Andy Hartanto, Eddy Pranjoto W., and Jonaedi Efendi
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.1, pp.76-83, 2019



International Responsibility of Iranian Government for Harming its Wetlands
Farzad Hosseini Fouladi, Laila Raisi, and Mahmoud Jalali
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.2-3, pp.167-174, 2019

Environmental Law Policy as an Approach to Achieve Sustainable Development and Prosperity in an Era of Regional Autonomy
Muhammad Akib, F.X. Sumarja, and H. Heryandi
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.1, pp.83-87, 2019



Protection of Objects of Historical and Cultural Heritage: Legal Problems and the Application of Information Technologies
A. Auganbai, B. Kalymbek, G.K. Shulanbekova, A.A. Urisbaeva, and R. Yerezhepkyzy
EPL Vol.49, Iss.6, pp.379-388, 2019

Implementation of International Norms in National Environmental Legislation
Aktoty Rzabay, Lazzat Yerkinbayeva, Kuat Baimyrzayev, Aigerim Ozenbayeva, Alina Borodina, and Maryia Zhomartkyzy
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.6, pp.389-394, 2019

Obtaining Fuel and Energy Resources from Biofuels: Legal Challenges
Dauren Bekezhanov, Galym Teleuyev, Bolat Aitimov, Laura Saduakassova, Yerdos Khamzin, and Dana Nurbek
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.2-3, pp.175-180, 2019



Institutional Factors Infl uencing Decentralised Forest Governance: Policy Makers’ Perspectives and Future Trends 
Musingo Tito E. Mbuvi and James B. Kungu
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.4-5, pp.264-276, 2019



Oil Exploration in the Niger Delta: A Critique of the Legal Framework for Compensation 
Emmanuel Nimbe Olowokere
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.4-5, pp.276-287, 2019



Tax Policy and Taxation of Renewables: Better Tax Solutions to Enhance Production of Electricity from Renewable Sources
Mateusz Lewandowski
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.1, pp.88-95, 2019


Russian Federation:

Economic Incentive Mechanisms for the Protection and Use of Biological Diversity in the Russian Federation
Svetlana V. Ivanova
EPL, Vol.50, Iss.3, pp.269-277, 2020

The Environmental Legal Framework Regarding Production and Consumption Waste
Aleksandr Nikolaevich Kozyrin and Aleksandr Alibievich Yalbulganov
EPL, Vol.50, Iss.1-2, pp.111-117, 2020



Evaluation of Community Knowledge on Air Pollution 
Lamek Nahayo, Egide Kalisa, Deborah Nibagwire, Udahogora Madeleine, Aboubakar Gasirabo, Gabriel Habiyaremye, and Abias Maniragaba
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.4-5, pp.287-292, 2019



The Efficacy of Prosecuting Wildlife Crimes in Uganda
Fredrick Bamwine
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.2-3, pp.181-189, 2019




Legal Aspects of the Opening of Ukraine’s Land Markets
Nataliia S. Kuznietsova, Natalia M. Onishchenko, and Oleksii O. Kot 
EPL, Vol.50, Iss.3, pp.279-287, 2020

Environmental Migration
Nadiia Kobetska, Lesia Danyliuk, Zoryana Yaremak
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.6, pp.395-400, 2019

Public Environmental Interests: Legal Theory Research 
Hanna V. Anisimova
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.4-5, pp.292-299, 2019

Legal Aspects of Invasive Alien Plant Species Regulation 300
A.K. Sokolova and E.Ie. Tulina
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.4-5, pp.300-305, 2019

Climate Protection Laws: European Reality and Ukrainian Prospects
Anatolii P. Getman, Yevhen A. Getman, and Viacheslav I. Lozo
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.2-3, pp.190-195, 2019


United States:

Decoupling the Economy from Natural Resource Degradation: Enhancing the Role of the Environmental Impact Assessment
Bahar Hashemolhosseini
EPL, Vol.50, Iss.1-2, pp.135-147, 2020

Climate Change in the Foreign Policy of the Trump Administration
Majid Asadnabizadeh
EPL, Vol.49, Iss.2-3, pp.195-202, 2019


Viet Nam:

Sources, Impacts and Management of Plastic Marine Debris
Nguyen van Truong and Beiping Chu
EPL, Vol.50, Iss.1-2, pp.119-133, 2020


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