Envisioning Our Environmental Future

Following on from the Environmental Policy and Law (EPL) special section entitled Stockholm+50 and Beyond, all the contributions have now been collated and published in a unique and limited-edition book. EPL's Editor-in-Chief Bharat H. Desai, PhD, has curated the content to include many cutting-edge ideational reflections. The book is entitled Envisioning Our Environmental Future.


With the Stockholm+50 Conference, held on 2–3 June 2022, the global movement to protect the environment has reached a 50 year milestone. The first UN Conference on the Human Environment, also held in Stockholm, from 5–16 June 1972, proved to be the watershed in addressing this problem, and as the world assembles once more in the Swedish capital it is time to think aloud and look ahead. In his address in 1972, the then Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme said: “The decisive question is in which direction we will develop…there is no individual future, neither for people nor for nations.” The only other head of government to attend in 1972, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, highlighted the development as “one of the primary means of improving the environment of living, of providing food, water, sanitation and shelter, of making the deserts green and mountains habitable” and drew attention to the wisdom of the Atharva Veda: “What of thee I dig out; Let that quickly grow over; Let me not hit thy vitals or thy heart."

Dr. Desai notes: “As we look back over 50 years, we need to assess what has gone wrong in the trajectory travelled so far and look ahead to the future of our environment at this juncture and beyond. As a scholarly journal for global decision-makers, EPL has sought to envision what lies ahead in the 21st century by inviting outstanding scholarly works from around the world.”



These important contributions to the environmental landscape – covering the important theme in this new book Envisioning Our Environmental Future – are co-published in a limited-edition volume, as a standalone book that is being released on this special occasion by IOS Press. The content probes global environmental regulatory approaches and institutional effectiveness, and explores cutting-edge ideational solutions for our shared triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. The 22 contributions are organized in three parts: Testing Times; Global Ideas; and Sectoral Ideas.


Book details:

Title: Envisioning Our Environmental Future
Sub-Title: Stockholm+50 and Beyond
ISBN (p): 978-1-64368-318-8
ISBN (e): 978-1-64368-319-5
Release: September, 2022
Editor: Bharat H. Desai
Format: Softcover, 272 pages
Language: English
List price = €135 / US$166 / £122 

This book is available as a print edition and also as an ebook.


Foreword Extract

"We are part of a planetary trust, in which we are at the same time an integral part of the Earth and trustees for it for the present and future. We have a special responsibility to care for the planet Earth, to ensure its resilience and its integrity. Our actions today profoundly affect future generations; yet they have no voice in the decisions and actions we take today. We are in reality guardians for the future. This book recognizes the dire situation of our planet. The chapter authors analyze major issues relevant to the future and propose actions to conserve our planet for the future. Some chapters reflect on developments since Stockholm, others explore global issues, and still others examine challenges and proposals in specific sectors. Bharat Desai has gathered contributions from a diverse and distinguished array of authors and has once again displayed his devotion to conserving our planet. Everyone can benefit from reading the volume." Edith Brown Weiss, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA  (source, in the freely available front matter PDF)