Open Access

Open Access

Under the S2O model, your contribution to EPL will be published open access under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC 4.0 license, without the need for you or your funder to pay an article processing charge (APC). Costs for EPL-S2O are supported by subscriptions from participating libraries. 

If your article is funded by an organization that mandates CC BY, then please send an email to our editorial office: editorial@iospress.nl

Under the S2O model, sufficient library support is required each year for a journal to remain open access. Therefore, your support and encouragement for your library's participation are important. You can contact your library directly by filling out a recommendation form.

Guidelines for submitting an article for EPL are unchanged.

If S2O open access is not achieved
The journal will continue to publish on an S2O basis as long as annual revenue targets are met through regular renewals. However, if not enough libraries are participating in the model, IOS Press may have to transition back to paid subscriptions to EPL. Should this occur, authors have several options for publishing their papers as open access. See here.