Webinar: The Planetary Future: Part – I

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Watch the recording of the EPL Webinar on The Planetary Future. It was scheduled on June 5th 2024, the occasion of the World Environment Day. The webinar was led by the EPL Editor-in-Chief Bharat H. Desai, PhD, and panel of eminent scholars and practitioners. Read on for the recording!

Watch the recording of the Webinar!

Watch the recording of the EPL Webinar from June 5th, 2024 which was led by the EPL Editor-in-Chief Bharat H. Desai, PhD, and panel of experts. Read on for details and to watch the recording!


Watch the Webinar recording here

The journal Environmental Policy and Law (EPL) and IOS Press is pleased to invite you to watch this webinar recording.

The year 2024 is all set to become a landmark in succession to 2023 and 2022 that witnessed summits on the Sustainable Development Goals (New York; September 18-19) and the Stockholm+50 Conference (Stockholm; June 2-3). During 2024, as mandated by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) resolution 76/307 of September 8, 2022 (Modalities Resolution), another momentous Summit of the Future will be held in New York on September 22-23, 2024. Hence, the year will be cast in stone as the year of the Planetary Future. It came out vividly in the June 02, 2022 address of the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres who   reminded the UN member states that we have not kept our promises on the global environment, our consumption is “at the rate of 1.7 planets a year” and the “global well-being is in jeopardy” (Secretary-General's remarks to Stockholm+50).The gathering storms and the growing scientific evidence underscore the planetary-level environmental crisis at work. As the coming events cast their shadows before, humankind seems to have sleepwalked into a planetary crisis (The Sleepwalking into a Planetary Crisis).  Some Heads of Government have showed realization that “the decisions we make today are going to determine our future for decades to come” (President Biden, June 22, 2023| The White House)  as well as in securing “a better future to the world, and a better world to the future” (Indian PM Modi's address to the US Congress, June 22, 2023). Can we reverse this planetary crisis? What lies in store for the planetary future with rapidly depleting time? It is in the above context that the WED 2024 discourse will take place, with a panel of eminent scholars and practitioners.



- Welcome by Reina Steenhuizen (IOS Press, Amsterdam)
- Introduction by EPL Editor-in-Chief Bharat H. Desai (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

Discussion moderator: 
- Bharat H. Desai, EPL Editor-in-Chief

Panel of speakers:
- Nicholas A Robinson, University Professor Emeritus, Elisabeth School of Law, Pace University, New York, USA

- Richard Macrory, Professor Emeritus, University College London, University of London, UK

- Sara Seck, Schulich School of Law and Marine & Environmental Law Institute, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

Closing remarks by EPL Editor-in-Chief Bharat H. Desai, Jawaharlal Nehru University

The webinar lasts maximum 1,5 hours.

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– Global Pact Coalition
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– International Council of Environmental Law 
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