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We invite you to read below a selection of popular content published in the journal over the years. Divided into five categories, the highlighted content is among the top cited and top viewed (via the IOS Press Content Platform). If you click on the links, you can read an extract from each of the articles; a link is given at the end of each extract via which you can access the article in full (subscription required, unless otherwise indicated).

What do you see as a landmark paper published in EPL?

As we celebrate the publication of Volume 50 of Environmental Policy and Law in 2020, we are compiling a list of the top 50 landmark papers. We also invite readers of the journal to submit their selection of their favourite articles published over the years. Maybe your choice will make it into the top 50 or we can add it to the 'more highlighted articles' section at the foot of this page. Contact us by email with a subject heading of "EPL top picks" and send to: editorial@iospress.nl.


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Popular articles that didn't fit the above categories:

Martens Clause for Environmental Protection
D. Shelton and A. Kiss | View Full Article

Sustainability of Outer Space: Facing the Challenge of Space Debris
B. Gupta and R. Sinha Roy | View Full Article

The Problems of Municipal Waste Management in the Context of European Integration (Ukraine)
L.R. Danyliuk, N.R. Kobetska and Z.V. Yaremak | View Full Article

An Evaluation of Inland Water Pollution Control (Bangladesh)
D. Hassani and B.K. Saha | View Full Article

The Proposed Global Pact for the Environment: A Framework for Consistent Realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals
Teresa Parejo-Navajas | View Full Article

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